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Extreme Adventures – Flying a Plane

Flying a plane is one of those things I did over the summer that I never realized should have been on my bucket list until after I did it.  My best friend, Jonathan, had found a handy Groupon for the San Carlos Flight Center and was positively itching to go. Originally I was supposed to … Continue reading

Labor Day Bucket List Should’a Beens

Labor Day isn’t my favorite holiday.  I don’t even celebrate it, strictly speaking, but this year I had most of my favorite people around me, so I was a pretty happy individual.  Sometimes that’s all I need to be content. One of my bucket list items is to teach my children to cartwheel.  I remember … Continue reading

Being Fierce, Building Memories, Living On

Hey, remember those fifteen years we spent watching TV and playing video games? said no one, ever. I think some people forget to live.  The most important part of my life is building memories.  And I don’t want to build them every now and then, but every day, as many and as often as possible.  … Continue reading