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Bucket List Item #5 – Learn 5 Languages

I’m a huge proponent of self-learning.  With the advent of the internet and its widespread use and overabundant information (I have a whole spiel on this topic, which I will save for another blog post on an undetermined future date), I feel there’s very little that can’t be learned with nothing more than the will … Continue reading

Wanted: Playmate

Must be adventurous and willing to travel. Qualified candidates possess an excellent and silly sense of humor. Experience with swashbuckling, shenanigans, tomfoolery, and adroit mischief required. Candidates without a degree of silliness and absurdity will not be considered. Hugs and spontaneity will be mandatory. Benefits include great conversation, the opportunity to make memories, shoulder insurance, … Continue reading

I Found My Heart in San Francisco

I miss home. I keep asking myself, Where is home, exactly?  I don’t truly have one.  One of the things about moving around so much is that you lose the right to have roots somewhere.  This has never bothered me before, but it’s been bothering me since I moved to California.  We are often told … Continue reading

Under Pressure–and Under Cars

Today I fixed my car bumper all by myself. (I’m inserting an extra break so you have time to let that sink in.) No offense guys, but you men are nothing special. I can hear my friend Samantha in my head now admonishing me for man-hating.  In my defense, I only say that now because … Continue reading