California Laundry

A sub-bucket list of things I want to do in California.  Same thing as my bucket list:  bolded are things completed; stricken are things removed; italicized are things in progress.  A lot of these are in San Francisco.  I would say I’m sorry for that, but I’m really not.

1. Take a Tour of Alcatraz, SF
2. Visit Palo Alto
3. Lick Observatory
4. Belly dance lessons at Fat Chance Belly Dance (the home of American Tribal Style belly dance), SF
5. Lindy in the Park swing dancing, GGP, SF
6. Pier 39, SF
7. The Exploratorium, Pier 25, SF
8. Give money to a street performer, SF
9. Make five three two one new friends
10.Discover 50 38 33 31 24 21 13 12 6 4 geocaches
11. de Young Art Museum, GGP, SF
12. Academy of Science Planetarium, GGP, SF
13. See a live big band in either the de Young Art Museum or the Music Concourse, GGP, SF (Note: I did this in Sacramento, which was good enough for me.)
14. Ghirardelli Square, SF
15. Hiking in Yosemite
16. Pay off my daughter’s medical bills
17. Carmel Mission
18. Japanese tea house, GGP, SF
19. Snowboarding at Lake Tahoe
20. Ride a cable car, SF
21. Coit Tower, SF
22. Redwood Basin State Park
23. Dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean
24. Dutch Windmill, GGP, SF
25. Botanical Garden of San Francisco, GGP, SF
26. Take a helicopter tour of SF
27. Stroll through a vineyard at a winery
28. Ride on the second tier of the double-decker carousel, Pier 39, SF
29. Segway tour, SF
30. Overcome the intimidation of city transportation
31. Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz
32. Rollerblading in Golden Gate Park, SF
33. China Town, SF
34. Eat at Don Pistos, North Beach, SF
35. SLAC Particle Accelerator, Palo Alto
36. Hearst Castle
37. Winchester House, San Jose
38. Drive Highway One all the way up the west coast up the California coast.
39. The San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight, SF.
40. The San Francisco 49-Mile Scenic Drive.
41. Bubble Gum Alley, LA area
42. La Brea Tar Pits, LA


4 thoughts on “California Laundry

  1. Oh, how wonderful to live there. I’m about an hour east. If you’ve never done the Lindy Hop (the original swing), definitely give it a go! It’s in GGP by the 8th Ave./Fulton entrance to the park and runs 11-2. I’m going to be there again this Sunday–it’s a blast. 🙂

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