Bucket List

This list is open to change.  These are in no particular order, except for the order in which I added them.  Bolded things are completed.  Things removed have been stricken.  Things in progress are italicized.

1.   Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon.
2.   Tomb of Shih Huang-di in China.
3.   The Parthenon in Greece.
4.   Versailles and the Louvre.
5.   Learn at least five of the following languages:
6.  Learn to ride horseback.
7.  Drive on the Autoban.
8.  See a kangaroo in Australia.  Watch an opera in the Sydney Opera House.
9.  Ski in Switzerland.
10. Stroll through a vineyard in California.
11. See Niagara Falls in person.
12. Take Zachary & Caitlyn to Disneyworld or Disneyland.
13. Ride a Gondola in Venice.  Eat gelato.
14. Learn to bellydance.
15. Order a non-alcoholic drink in a Dublin pub.  Then order an alcoholic drink.  Ignore the alcoholic drink and chug the non-alcoholic drink.  Ask for a chaser.
16. Stonehenge.
17. The Alamo.
18. Walk the Avenue of the Dead in Teotihuacan.
19. Mayan Chichén Itzá and Incan Machu Picchu.
20. Watch a ballet or Broadway play.
21. Visit an internet friend in another state or country.
22. The Taj Mahal in India.
23. Thailand.
24. New Zealand.
25. Discover and edit a bestselling author.
26. Read Sir Thomas More’s Utopia.
27. Attend an RWA conference.
28. See Bodies: The Exhibition.
29. See the Pirate Soul Museum in Key West, FL.
30. Visit the National Cryptologic Museum at the NSA.
31. Witness a total solar eclipse. (2017)
32. Northern Lights, bonus if in Finland.
33. Master the entire GRE Wordlist.
34. Shoot a gun.
35. Complete Grammar Matters.
36. Learn to play piano.
37. Own one signed book by each of my favorite authors:
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
J.R. Ward
Karen Marie Moning
Jude Deveraux
Dan Brown

38. Take a photography class.
39. Read all of Robert Frost’s poems at least twice.
40. Read Voltaire’s Candide.
41. Read all of Jane Austen’s novels.
42. Read Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden and/or Cosmos.
43. Read William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.
44. Rock climb in Colorado.
45. The Netherlands.
46. Accomplish a master’s degree.
47. Scotland.
48. Join a book club for romance readers.
49. Watch a movie at the park, Chasing Liberty style.
50. Read all twelve of St. Jean de Crèvecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer.
51. Go geocaching in another state or country.
52. Write a slammin’ villanelle.
53. Ride a hotair balloon.
54. Zipline.
55. Skydive.
56. Helicopter tour.
57. Snowboard at Lake Tahoe.
58. Spelunk in Sevier County, TN.
59. Bungee jump.
60. Write lyrics for a song and have a friend set them to music.
61. Change my own car oil.
62. Learn to drive a motorcycle.
63. Drive Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.
64. Hike any one section of the Appalachian Trail.
65. Make love on the side of an empty desert highway at night.
66. Dance in the rain.
67. Ride an elephant.
68. Pay it forward.
69. Leave an uplifting message in a bottle on a beach for someone to find.
70. Visit the Ubud forest in Bali.
71. Sing solo and a cappella in front of a large group or with a single instrument for accompaniment.  DON’T PANIC.
72. Experience a perfect day.
73. Purchase a tapestry I love.
74. Fence. Bonus: Announce while fencing, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
75. Try my hand at woodworking.
76. Make one person’s life better for having known me.
77. Create a blog with a readership of a hundred or more.
78. Get paid for a freelance copyedit job.
79. Intern at a newspaper or magazine.
80. Publish an article I wrote.
81. Kiss a random, good-looking guy on New Year’s Eve.
82. Use a fake British accent at a restaurant. See if I can convince the server it’s real. If so, make up an elaborate second life in England and see how long I can keep the server believing me. At the very end of the meal thank the server in my normal voice.
83. Kiss someone on the first date.
84. Be the recipient of flowers from my SO when it’s not a special occasion. Bonus if they’re tulips.
85. Bring out the best in someone.
86. Fly first class.
87. Give one very good compliment to every friend I have.
88. Buy a sketch from a street artist.
89. Lie about my age to a stranger. See how long I can convince them I’m several years older than my actual age.
90. Cross something off my bucket list at the same time one of my friends does. (Do the same item together).
91. Pay for the person behind me in a drive through.
92. Buy a lottery ticket with the numbers off a fortune from a fortune cookie.
93. Leave an uplifting message in a library book.
94. Leave a free compliment as a tradeable item in a geocaching container.
95. Buy a plane ticket at an airport for the next plane out.
96. Have a water gun fight with my kids using really big water guns.
97. Go to a busy restaurant with a guy friend. When the hostess asks for our name, use “Boris and Natasha.” BONUS: Do it with an eastern European accent.
98. Leave a 100% tip.
99. Take my kids go-carting.
100. Work in a bookstore.
101. Jump in a taxi and yell, “Follow that car!”
102. Keep a bowl on my desk with strips of paper in it that have kind messages on them. Label the bowl FREE COMPLIMENTS–TAKE ONE. Bonus: Do another for silly insults.
103. Make a FREE HUGS shirt. Wear it all day in a busy city to see how many people want a free hug.
104. Choose godparents for my children.
105. Take a Zumba class.
106. Pet a lion.
107. Buy a meal for a homeless person.
108. Get my navel pierced.
109. When a person says I look like someone famous, try to convince them I’m related.
110. Participate in a food fight. Bonus if the food is cake.
111. Go on a candle/lantern lit picnic at night.
112. Write a letter to my great-great grandchildren.
113. Learn to write with my left hand.
114. Anonymously help someone.
115. Throw a dart on a map; travel there.
116. Create a personal, silly holiday for me and my kids. Celebrate it every year.
117. Be my kids’ hero.
118. (Re-)learn to drive a stick.
119. Find a cowboy hat that looks good on me. Buy it.
120. Ask someone on a date.
121. Teach my kids to cartwheel.
122. Four Corners.
123. Learn to walk on my hands.
124. Maine.
125. Sing all my favorite children’s songs with my children; teach them to sing round robins.
126. Take my kids on a fun road trip.
127. Learn to be comfortable in groups.
128. Attend the World’s Longest Yard Sale.
129. Give a great toast.
130. Fall in love again.
131. Weigh 110 pounds so that I can:
132. Join the Air Force Reserves and
133. Resume donating blood regularly.
134. Leave a series of written compliments on the windshields of random cars in parking lots.
135. Develop a standing date with a friend.
136. Learn to eat more than 2,000 calories a day.
137. Bake cookies; drop them off at a homeless shelter.
138. Make love against a wall or tree.
139. Sidewalk chalk shenanigans.
140. Spend a whole day cuddling.
141. Kiss in the snow.
142. Take a class in another country, in their language.
143. Marry a man who loves to play with me.
144. Hang glide.
145. Mush a dog sled.
146. Surf.
147. West Virginia.
148. New Orleans.
149. Opaque Dining in the Dark.
150. Zorb.
151. Hike in Death Valley.
152. Relive an entire day by crossing the International Date Line.
153. Learn to play bocce ball.
154. Nova Scotia
155. Bhutan
156. Stay at the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore.
157. Participate in a flash mob.
158. Attend an NHL game.
159. Forestiere Underground Gardens
160. Snowmobile
161. Gold mine tour
162. Flyboarding
163. Nauschwanstein Castle in Germany
164. Feed the monkeys in Affenburg Salem, Germany
165. Migliarino San Rossore Park in Pisa, Italy
166. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, Japan
167. Foreste Casentinsi National Park, Campigna, Italy
168. Taiping Mountain Path, Taiwan
169.  Spencer Smith Park, Ontario, Canada
170. Dark Hedges, Ireland
171. Dine at Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant, Kansas City


3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Sam, that would be wonderful! I was hoping to change my oil very soon, though, so I will probably have my step-dad show me how. But if you could help out with #60, that would be fab. (Maybe we can sing/record it together as well?) I would totally do #56 with you. I was actually thinking about you because I am going swing dancing in Golden Gate Park this weekend, and I know it’s on your list. I will have to teach you how sometime. You’ll love it–it’s a great deal of fun.

    As to #38, that would make me extraordinarily happy, actually. Could we also add Photoshop to the class, Professor Samantha?

    I like that we both have seeing the Northern Lights and witnessing the 2017 total solar eclipse on our lists. I was planning to go outside of Louisville, KY to watch it, since that is where it will have the longest duration.

    Yep, the crypto museum is in Maryland–I never thought I had any reason to go to Maryland until I learned about that. I am totally kicking myself for not going to the Bodies Exhibition while it was still in ATL, but maybe there is one here in CA. I seem to remember reading something about that.

  2. I can help you with #60, #61 and possibly #56. And if you count me as a teacher, I could help you with #38, as well 🙂

    #30 is in Maryland, isn’t it? I think my tech school was VERY close to this.
    #28 was pretty cool, but VERY creepy. haha.

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