Extreme Adventures – Flying a Plane

Flying a plane is one of those things I did over the summer that I never realized should have been on my bucket list until after I did it.  My best friend, Jonathan, had found a handy Groupon for the San Carlos Flight Center and was positively itching to go.

Originally I was supposed to fly in the back seat as a passenger, there for the free ride and the moral support more than anything, and to watch Jonathan become a genuine badass in the cockpit of the little Cessna.  On arrival, however, we discovered that I could be added to the list of pilots for only $60.00 more, and for that price, who could pass it up?

The people at the San Carlos Flight Center were very friendly and personable, and my best friend and I always find we like people better when they find our antics amusing.  Basically, our opinion of people goes up infinity notches when they appreciate our quirky sense of humor.  Everyone from the front desk to the pilot were incredible people.

Cessna 1

Our pilot in particular was unendingly patient and supportive, even after Jonathan crash landed the plane.  Just kidding!  He wasn’t very supportive after the crash landing.

No, but seriously, the view was out of this world.  We flew over some of the most beautiful lakes, mountains, and wispy clouds.  We saw San Carlos and Half Moon Bay from 3,500 feet up in the air.  It was a truly phenomenal experience.  We got to take off and land the plane in addition to flying, and our instructor kept up a steady stream of cheerful and lighthearted chatter, which I enjoyed.  He also indulged us by snapping some fantastic shots of Jonathan and me, including my favorite of the two of us to date.

San Carlos 6


San Carlos 5

San Carlos 1

Kristin Cockpit

Jonathan Cockpit 4

Jonathan Cockpit 2


Half Moon Bay 2

Flying the plane was an experience I’ll love to remember year after year after year and want to relay to everyone in earshot.  I recommend it to everyone.

Kristin & Jonathan Fly

Kristin & Jonathan Fly 2


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