Labor Day Bucket List Should’a Beens

Labor Day isn’t my favorite holiday.  I don’t even celebrate it, strictly speaking, but this year I had most of my favorite people around me, so I was a pretty happy individual.  Sometimes that’s all I need to be content.


One of my bucket list items is to teach my children to cartwheel.  I remember trying to do this last year when we went to the beach at Half Moon Bay.  This wasn’t quite the easy success I’d hoped for; in fact, it was somewhat a failure, if you consider I wasn’t able to teach them to cartwheel despite repeated tips and demonstrations.  Maybe because I was such a natural at cartwheeling as a kid (and still am!), I’d assumed that they’d pick up on it quickly.  This wasn’t at all the case, and at the end of the day they went home not flipping multiple cartwheels like their momma.

I think the point of this particular bucket list item, though, is to teach my kids to enjoy some of the same kid things I used to enjoy.  So when the opportunity arose to teach my kids how to wheelbarrow race, I enlisted Kyle’s help to demonstrate, and we spent the better part of the day playing on his parents’ front lawn with the kids.







There’s very little that warms my heart more than spending quality time with the people I love most, and seeing how much they also love each other.  I cherish the opportunity to teach my kids how better to be kids and to remind myself how enjoyable childish things can be.  My low-key Labor Day weekend was the best one I’ve had in many years, possibly the best one I’ve ever had.  There’s something about being a witness to love and knowing I’m a part of it that creates a deep sense of contentment inside me.







We wheelbarrowed, the kids discovered roley-poleys, we played with the cat and each other, and we collected no fewer than 158 warm fuzzies on camera.  Life never felt so right.



IMG_8111  IMG_8149



Sometimes bucket list days happen when you don’t mean them to.  Sometimes you realize things should have been on your list all along, only after you’ve done them.  I’ll take as many of these days as possible.


What do you think?

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