Bucket List Item #57 (And California Laundry #19): Snowboarding at Lake Tahoe

SB 22313 01

This one managed to make its way onto both my bucket list and my California list.  That’s how much I’ve been wanting to do it.  Although it’s not as extreme a sport as, say, skydiving (bucket list item #55), I knew it would be a challenge for me.  I wasn’t even sure I’d like it, much as I’m not sure I’ll enjoy surfing.  But I wanted to have the experience and to know for sure.

I can say for certain that I want to go snowboarding again.  And I don’t think I could have gone to a better resort for my first time.  I guess I’m lucky, because most of the people I know here in California have been snowboarding before, so I knew I could find a teacher.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, my boyfriend opted to cross another item off my list for me (we went to the San Francisco St. Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight this year, among other things) by taking me to Tahoe.  He’s snowboarded before, which doesn’t surprise me since he’s sickeningly good at all things sporty.  He clearly complements me, because I’m rather bookish and have zero athletic ability.

Still, with his careful and patient teaching, I was actually snowboarding in forty-foot stretches on the easiest slope by midday.  My whole body was screaming at me because I’ve made it a point in the last year not to get any exercise (part of reaching my 110-lb goal [bucket list item #131]).  Now it wants to know why the hell I would first go against my natural grain by avoiding exercise and then choose to punish it with something that uses so much energy and muscle.

SB 22313 05

SB 22313 04

Because bucket list, that’s why.

I never learned to get off the ski lift properly, I fell down more times than I could possibly count, I couldn’t handle the second-easiest slope, and I was sore for a week afterward.  But I’ll be back.

Rainbow Ridge

My advice is go to Homewood Mountain Resort in Tahoe, enjoy the spectacular views and reasonable prices, and spend the day on your ass to learn the sport.  It’s worth every bump and bruise.

SB 22313 03

Also want to point out that I got to cross off bucket list item #141: kiss in the snow, on the same day!  Huzzah!


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