You Be Worldly; Meantime, I’ll Be Happy

This is a message to snobs everywhere.

I don’t care how supposedly authentic your foreign cuisine is.

I’m talking to YOU, California.  I’m sick up to my eyeballs of hearing about how our Mexicans back in the South apparently make less authentic Mexican food than the Mexicans in California.  Whether it’s true or not, I really just don’t care how authentic my Southern Mexican food is–I still prefer it over the utter CRAP that’s served here in California.

That’s right, I said it:  I don’t give a damn how authentic my foreign cuisine is so long as it tastes good.  And I’m tired of hearing how the more authentic it is the better it tastes.  How does that even equate?  When you say to me, “The Mexican food in the South sucks; we have authentic Mexican food here!” all I hear you saying is, “Hi, I’ve never been to Mexico or the South; in fact, I’ve never stepped foot outside California, but I like to appear worldly and sophisticated, so I gloat about how I’ve had the real deal and enjoyed it.  After all, my friend’s cousin’s spouse’s aunt is Mexican and so I know what real Mexican food tastes like.”

News.  Flash.  Everyone knows a Mexican.

And while I’m at it, I also want to point out that P.F. Chang’s is flipping delicious.  I know it’s not authentic.  Who cares?  My taste buds experience the gustatory equivalent of a heavenly intonation when I eat there.  You don’t have to tell me it’s inauthentic every time I mention it as if I’m committing some major faux pas by enjoying Americanized food.

Stop being  a snob.

(I have a similar rant regarding music and books.  You can fill in the blanks–and you know who you are.)


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