Wanted: Playmate

Must be adventurous and willing to travel. Qualified candidates possess an excellent and silly sense of humor. Experience with swashbuckling, shenanigans, tomfoolery, and adroit mischief required. Candidates without a degree of silliness and absurdity will not be considered. Hugs and spontaneity will be mandatory.

Benefits include great conversation, the opportunity to make memories, shoulder insurance, laughter, and possibly lifelong unadulterated friendship.

Aspiring cohorts should send their rap sheets and personalities to Kristin at update (dot) kris (at) gmail (dot) com. Kristin is an equal opportunity rabble rouser.

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Playmate

    • If I’d been born a man, Robert, I think I would’ve been you. Is that too weird to say? I can be too serious much of the time as well, which is why I need an immature playmate.

    • It is weird, but not in a negative way. The images in my head!

      I from time to time need a bit of silliness in my life. I usually have a couple of drinks and let the inner imp out to play.

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