Dating Is to Soda Tab Popping . . .

Several years ago I decided I wanted to open my soda cans only half way. I no longer remember what insanity made me want to do this, but once I decided I wanted to, I kept at it. You’d think it’d be easy enough–just stop pulling on the tab when it’s half open. I was just so used to popping it all the way, though, that it was a challenge to pop it only half way. It comes naturally to me now; I don’t even have to think about it. But for those first weeks when I was learning, it took more effort–conscious effort–to stop the tab half way than it did just opening the can normally.

Popping the tabs half way did turn out to be handy, though, as now I always know exactly which can is mine.

9 thoughts on “Dating Is to Soda Tab Popping . . .

  1. Guess my analogy wasn’t as clear as I thought it was.

    I’ve never dated around until recently. Up until now I’ve only had actual relationships. So while dating is sort of a precursor to a relationship, you’d think I could handle it because it’s only a half way. But dating takes a conscious effort because the fact that it’s a go-between makes it its own skill. I’m still learning how to do it, but with time and practice it’ll be effortless.

    Part of the reason I left this without going into full detail is because I wanted others to apply it to their own experiences and talk about how they perceive dating. Honestly, for myself, I find it a pain in the ass, but that’s because I’m unaccustomed to it. But I want to see how everyone else thinks of it.

    • I didn’t read this before my last reply. Dating is a serious pain in the ass. I’ve never been good at meeting new people. However, the last one I went on was a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again soon. Generally dating, for me, has always been the first step/s in the dance of a relationship. Lately, I’ve tried to date just for the sake of dating for a little while myself. Like anything in life I think it’s good to try a few people out before deciding on a relationship that could last months/years/forever.

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