Posted in March 2012

Does Reason Know What It’s Missing?

This is the idea behind my new, very personal and emotionally directed blog, The Girl is Emo.  The Girl is Fierce carries some emotion with it, but I hate the idea of flooding it with my day-to-day emotional happenings.  This blog is a place for purpose, for direction, for philosophy, for reason.  In short, it’s … Continue reading

Intelligence. Simply.

“If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein I love conversation.  Have I mentioned that?  I love having it with myself (I keep a journal as a socially acceptable outlet for this); I love having it with friends.  I love having it with writers and strangers and . . .  … Continue reading

Wanted: Playmate

Must be adventurous and willing to travel. Qualified candidates possess an excellent and silly sense of humor. Experience with swashbuckling, shenanigans, tomfoolery, and adroit mischief required. Candidates without a degree of silliness and absurdity will not be considered. Hugs and spontaneity will be mandatory. Benefits include great conversation, the opportunity to make memories, shoulder insurance, … Continue reading

Dating Is to Soda Tab Popping . . .

Several years ago I decided I wanted to open my soda cans only half way. I no longer remember what insanity made me want to do this, but once I decided I wanted to, I kept at it. You’d think it’d be easy enough–just stop pulling on the tab when it’s half open. I was … Continue reading